New Top 100 List Posted 1.1.17

Two years ago the plan was to tweak the original My Top 100 Very Best Blues Songs of All Time list. 101 tunes that carried me through good and bad since the original post in 2008.

The two year tweak became an overhaul in large part due to reader comments and suggestions. The threads of music followed and albums discovered, such as Peter Green and the old Fleetwood Mac, JB Hutto, Junior Kimbrough, Guitar Shorty, Ike and Tina, etc. were thanks to you. As was the influx of more modern artists in the 2017 version of the list such as Gary Clark Jr., Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Sheppard.

My hope is that the new list will allow you to uncover a nugget or two to follow.  For The Blues to live on the traditional needs to give way to the new.   Give Shannon Curfman a listen for instance.

Please keep the suggestions coming!

Thanks,  Tunch

Next project:  The Blues Standards, a tour of the best blues bars, a list of the best unknown blues bar house bands,  a list of the old nuggets, and new releases.  We dream on.

The new My Top 100 Very Best Blues Songs of All Time list is available on Spotify and You Tube (click ’em to get ’em).  Enjoy!

Suggestions and Comments Welcome

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