The Blues Hour: June 10th

The Weekly Blues Hour for the week of June 10th:

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Artist:   Little Steven
Song:   “Blues is my Business”
Album: Soulfire
Release Date:  May 19, 2017
Label:  UME Direct


Artist:   Casey James
Song:  “Bulletproof (with Delbert McClinton)”
Album:   Strip It Down
Release Date:  June 9th, 2017
Label:  Self Released


Artist:    Bridget Kelly Band
Song:   “Don’t Bother Coming Home”
Album:   Bone Rattler
Release Date:   May 3, 2017
Label:  Alpha Sun Records


Artist:   Gina Sicilia
Song:  “I Don’t Want to be in Love”
Album:  Tug of War
Release Date:  June 2, 2017
Label:  Blue Elan


Artist:  North Mississippi All Stars
Song:   “Deep Ellum”
Album:  Prayer for Peace
Release Date:   June 2, 2017
Label:  Legacy Recordings


Artist:  Big Joe Williams
Song: “Bye Bye Baby Blues”
Album:   Blues from the South Side
Release Date:   April 10, 2017
Label:  RockBeat Records


Artist:   Harrison Kennedy
Song:   “Keep Your Coat On”
Album:   Who U Telling?
Release Date:   March 10, 2017
Label:  Electro-Fi Records

Artist:  Memphis Minnie and her Jug Band
Song:   “Grandpa and Grandma Blues”
Album:   Rough Guide to Jug Band Blues
Release Date:   May 26, 2017
Label:  World Music Records


Artist:  Ivor S.K.
Song:   “It’s Raining”
Album:   Montserrat
Release Date:  April 28, 2017


Artist:  Shannon McNally
Song:   “I Went to the Well”
Album:  Black Irish
Release Date:   June 9, 2017
Label:  Compass Records

Artist:   Mike Andersen
Song:  “Pretty Fool”
Album:  Devil is Back
Release Date:  June 2, 2017
Label:  NMS

Artist:  Marcus Malone
Song:   “Better Man”
Album:  A Better Man
Release Date:  March 31, 2017
Label:  Redline Music

Artist:   Dave Fields
Song:   “Anticipating You (Live)”
Album:   Unleashed
Release Date:   February 14, 2017
Label:  Self Released

Artist:  Dorothy
Song:  “Down to the Bottom”
Album:  Released as a single
Release Date:  May 5, 2017
Label:  Roc Nation

Curator’s Notes:    Excellent fresh cuts this week with four songs from albums released in the past two weeks.  This week’s list is bookended by two artists outside the blues genre but two solid bluesy tunes.  It starts off with Little Steven – while although a rocker (and Sopranos actor) from the E-Street band – he has an authentic blues name.   Casey James follows.  He is an exciting new find for me and his album received multiple plays this week.  The middle of the list goes more traditional with Big Joe Williams, Harrison Kennedy and Memphis Minnie.  Memphis Minnie and her Jug Band was featured on a new Jug Band compilation album which is a great listen.   The jug is to the blues what the cowbell is to rock.  The tagline is better though…  “More JUGS”.  Ivor S.K. was another find this week who deserves more than one song on the list.  There are rules though.  David Field’s instrumental guitar jam followed by goth rocker Dorothy finish up a great week of the blues.  Enjoy!

Tone Deaf Terry


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